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Gambit : Best Pizza Restaurant 2013

Aside from offering three sauces and more than 30 toppings for their medium-thickness, chewy yet crispy-crusted pizzas, Theo’s uses celebrity photographs as table markers, is a nice place to people watch and has a decent craft beer selection. Salads and appetizers are far superior to what’s offered at most pizza joints.

→ August 25, 2013

Gambit : Best Pizza Restaurant 2010

Now slinging pizzas from a Mid-City location as well as its Uptown original, Theo’s takes this year’s top prize for the city’s best pies. House specialties and gourmet toppings on a signature crispy crust float to tables tagged by pictures of familiar pop cultural icons, from Elvis Costello to Kenny Powers, who of all people would no doubt appreciate the weekly draft and bottled beer specials.

→ August 25, 2010